Android Wear: Retail Mode

In retail mode, the device posts some notification examples, and overrides voice search to an automated one.

To toggle between retail mode and normal mode:

Add or remove:



Android Wear: Setup Gestures

Android Wear’s setup screen supports some secret gestures, there are two types of gestures, one of which only used once.

Multi touch taps, handled by MultitouchRetailGestureDetector Single touch swipes, handled by SetupGestureTracker in ClockworkSetup.apk

Swipe directions:

Retail Mode

In this mode, the watch demos its main functions, going into this mode requires a reset to get out of it (at least officially).

There are two ways to get into this mode (both requires confirmation):

Multi-touch method: tap and hold with one finger, and tap 5 times with another finger.

Single-touch swipe method: UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT (heh)

Dismiss initial setup: Method #1

This gesture is easy, but unfortunately it requires Build.TYPE to be anything but “user”, meaning root or a custom ROM is required.

Single touch swipe method: RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT

Dismiss initial setup: Method #2

This gesture is easy, and doesn’t require root, but it requires the setup screen to be launched with a specific action: “"

If adb is available, this can be done with:

am start -n -a “”

Then just swipe right (standard way to exist activities on Android Wear), you’ll be sent to a “Just a moment” screen that’ll try to check for updates, then it’ll drop you to homescreen.

Bluetooth tethering mode (?!?)

I haven’t been able to figure this one out, but the gesture to activate this mode is:


I have no clue what it should do however.