MohammadAG's Xposed Modules
These modules require rovo89's awesome Xposed Framework. Many thanks for working on it! S-View Music Controls - Use your Galaxy S4's S-View window to control music from various media players. Secure Widgets (4.2.2+) - Restores Android's 4.2+ widgets on Samsung devices with a secure lockscreen. Enable Camera on Lockscreen (4.0-4.1.2) - Allows the camera to show up on top of the lockscreen. This requires a way to launch the camera somehow (e.g shortcut). Restore Car Mode on Android 4.2 - Google removed Car Mode on 4.2.2. This mod brings it back. No Increasing Ringtone - Disables Samsung's annoying increasing ringtone. Disable Camera Alerts - Disables Samsung's camera dialogs (e.g Low Battery). Vine Downloader - Adds a download button to the official Vine application. Instagram Downloader - Download media from Instagram. Maximize lockscreen widgets - Maximize widgets on lockscreen when it's shown. Disable Samsung Notifications Widget - Disables the annoying lockscreen widget forced upon the user on the Galaxy S4. Unlock effect before secure widget - Shows the light/ripple/circle effect on the lockscreen before entering your security code on the Galaxy S4. AOSP Lockscreen (4.1.2) - Replaces the Samsung lockscreen with the AOSP one on 4.1.2 Nature UX devices. NFC Unlocker - Use NFC to unlock your device, based on qwerty12's NFC LockScreenOff Enabler. Tinted Status Bar [BETA] - Tint your status bar based on the current activity. Flattr: MohammadAG
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